Notice of Webshop opening

Nice to meet you.

My name is Yamazaki from THE STOKEDGATE Tokyo.

I would like to say hello to the opening of the Webshop.

THE STOKEDGATE Tokyo is a shop that specializes in vintage rock T-shirts.

STOKEDGATE is a coined word that we coined to mean "a door that makes you feel excited when you open it."

We will create a store where we can introduce a lineup that everyone will be excited about.

The number of products is still small, and only T-shirts are listed.

(There are items only in the ROCK T-SHIRT and VINTAGE CLOTH→TOPS→T-SHIRT columns...)

We will continue to improve it steadily, so please take a look.


store is also preparing to open. I will make an announcement later.

THE STOKEDGATE Tokyo Jun Yamazaki

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