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90s AKIRA T-shirt "Comics Vol 4 Cover tee"

90s AKIRA T-shirt "Comics Vol 4 Cover tee"

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Vintage 90s Akira T-shirt.

The design of Volume 4 of the comic is printed.

There is a small hole in the armpit, but the rest is in excellent condition.

This T-shirt has a detailed and thick print that shows different expressions in the foreground and the background.

[tag / label]


[age / Decade]

90s / 90s

【Material / Material】

100% Cotton / Cotton100%


White / White

[Size / Size]


[Actual size / Measurements]

①Shoulder: 42cm / 16.5inch

② Width (Armpit to armpit): 43cm / 16.9inch

③ Length (collar to bottom): 62cm / 24.4inch

④Sleeve: 18cm / 7.1inch

[Notice ① / Notice]

Our shop eliminates "Reprint Fake" as much as possible, and we would like our customers to shop with peace of mind.

"Reprint Fake" is a vintage look that was just recently printed on a plain vintage body.

*There are also fakes with official copyright.
Sometimes the
tag is sewn on later or a fake tag is sewn on.

There are many things that are deliberately mixed with the real thing and sold without being able to spot the fake.

Recently, I've seen a lot of fake T-shirts from anime and movies.

Please be careful.

[Note 2 / Information]

●Since this product is used, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. If you are concerned about the details, please check the details by e-mail or directly at the store.

●We take great care not to deal with fake products. However, mistakes due to lack of knowledge are not zero. I would appreciate it if you could point it out.

【注意事項①  /  Notice】

当店は"Reprint Fake"を極力排除し、お客様に安心して買い物をしていただきたいと思っております。
"Reprint Fake" とは、無地のヴィンテージボディに最近プリントしただけの、ヴィンテージに見せかけているものです。


【注意事項②  /  Information】


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